Restaurant Kamikura WEBSITE
Restaurant Kamikura WEB SITE

We operate a french restaurant in a historic house in Yagoto Nagoya. A Japanese-style building and a Western-style building. Please enjoy our food and wine while feeling the four seasons of Japan in this building from the early Showa period, which is a fusion of two different duildings.
八事の歴史と共に With the history of Yagoto

The building was built as a villa in the early Showa period. Unraveling the history of this mansion reveals a deep connection with the history of Yagoto. We hope that the building will give a sense of the thoughts and feelings of the people who lived here.
私たちの想い Our thoughts

Our starting point is the desire tocreate a plase where people can enjoy French food culture and to convey its charm. We pursue the deep marriage of wine, cheese and bread, so that the dinind table with your loved ones can sometimes be colorful and sometimes harmonious…
私たちの料理 Our cuisine

We preserve classic French cuisine, while reflecting our modern-day aspirations dishes that can only be enjoyed here and now. We have tried to fuse Japanese Western architecture in our mansion and our garden, whitch changes with the seasons, while thinking of the people who visit this place…We are confronted with seasonal ingredients, cheeses and wines.   
ご予約について Reservations


LUNCH 11:30〜14:30(Lo.13:00)
DINNER 17:30〜22:00(Lo.20:00)

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